Vehicle IDstickers

Vehicle IDstickers™ protect your vehicle by warning thieves that if stolen, email and SMS alerts will be sent out on your
vehicle, security cameras will scan for your license plate, and a reward for information leading to its recovery
will be offered. The knowledge that there is an increased risk of being captured by the police will deter thieves
from stealing your car and instead persuade them to seek out a less risky target.


Priced at only $17.95 the IDsticker is by far the most affordable auto theft deterrent that really works. Can
something so inexpensive really be that effective? Yes! It can! The IDsticker is backed by The Nation's
Neighborhood Watch for Stolen Vehicles and the thousands of law enforcement agencies that are registered with it
to receive information on the location of stolen vehicles.


1. What is on the Vehicle IDsticker?
The Vehicle IDsticker has a warning to would be thieves that alerts will be sent out on the vehicle if it is
stolen and a reward will be offered for information leading to its recovery. It also features an identification
number that police can use to quickly identify your vehicle genuine Vehicle Identification Number.


2. What sizes are the Vehicle IDstickers?
The Vehicle IDsticker is 2" X 2”.


3. What colors are the Vehicle IDstickers?
A Vehicle IDsticker is white with blue lettering.


4 .Where do I put the Vehicle IDsticker on my car?
Your Vehicle IDsticker can be installed on any window in your car, but we recommend installing it on the lower
part of the passengers side window in such a manner that it doesn't interfere with using your side view mirror.


5. How do I properly install the Vehicle IDsticker onto my window?
In order to make your Vehicle IDsticker difficult to remove by thieves you will need to install it properly. You
must first clean the window area with a damp cloth and remove all dirt and dust. Upon cleaning the window area,
peel off the sticker backing and carefully place the Vehicle IDsticker in the exact spot you want it. Use caution
as it will be difficult to remove the sticker once it has been placed on the glass. Smooth out the IDsticker
using a cloth to push out any air bubbles. If the air bubble persist you can delicately slice them with a razor
and push the air out of the slit.


6. How do I register my Vehicle IDsticker?
You need to register it so that your unique IDsticker # is associated with your vehicle and so that in the event
your vehicle is ever stolen you can activate the alert system and have thousands of people
in your area looking out for your vehicle. To register your vehicle you will need to have your VIN and License
Plate numbers available to you. Click here to register your IDsticker.